Friday, 26 September 2014

Yorkshire Thornton Le Dale: Lavender Tearooms

Another review from our holiday in Yorkshire in from the village of Thornton Le Dale. A beautiful little village with its picturesque cottages dotted along the gently flowing stream that winds its way through the village. After taking a walk to follow the stream and admire the views of the moors and valleys that consume this hidden little gem we had worked up an appetite and came across a very inviting little tea shop in the centre of the village called the Lavender Tearooms. 

With outside seating on a beautifully sunny day it was a must. It definitely played on its name with lavender surrounding the seating area that attracted butterflies and bumble bees and it was obviously a very popular location as almost all seats were full by the time we placed our order. 

It had a very traditional Yorkshire feel to it, very welcoming and friendly, old sandstone buildings surrounded by the bustling village square, horse riders passing by as well as locals and tourists alike. The service was similar to the other locations with a no fuss 'take a seat and we will come to take your order asap' which was proving very efficient. We placed our order of a classic pot of Yorkshire tea (to suit the location) with a cheese scone, chutney and cream cheese while he chose a filter coffee paired with a croissant.

The coffee was of a good standard - similar to that of Flax & Twine, and the tea's winning feature was the tea pot with its woollen, lavender tea cosy. The quirky little features playing with the name were not over the top, they had just enough to add charm and a selling feature to what could be just a standard tea stop. 

The scone and croissant was obviously fresh and homemade. Both were delicious but again the tea and coffee were pretty standard. However the selection of teas were far wider than that of Flax and Twine so if you were local it would definitely be worth a second trip for some more sampling. 

The Veridict?
When the bill arrived - in a lavender coloured wallet obviously, it was good value for money, even going as far as saying cheap! The tea tasting visits were definitely seeming to be of better value than similar locations at home. Overall a picturesque little tea room that had an almost cute play on its name with all the lavender features, cleverly adding to its appeal. Definitely a tea room worth a visit if in the area, now I just need to save enough money to buy my dream holiday cottage along the stream and I can get started on sampling the other teas that are on offer!

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