Tuesday, 19 August 2014

York: Flax & Twine

So the recent lull in reviews is due to it being holiday time! A week in Yorkshire gave us the perfect excuse to indulge in some new tearooms, our first on a trip to the gorgeous city of York. Walking along The Shambles, Europe's most visited street,  we saw an inviting tea room attached to a quaint little vintage shop and decided to give it a try.

Heading inside, the downstairs is laid out as a shop with lovely gifts and nik naks displayed on vintage apple crates and in old worn dressers. They is no seating down here for the tearoom, that is all upstairs and so went to investigate.  

Ambling up to the first floor, we took a seat right next to the window and pondered what to have. A young lass came to take our order a short while later and whilst waiting for it to arrive we people watched out of the window at the street below. 

We found it fascinating having a view from above seeing all the features as they would have been originally when the street was rebuilt in the 1400's, imagining it as it could have been with butchers airing their meat! 

Being a little hidden away meant that the tearooms weren't that busy inside and it made for a lovely relaxing pit stop.

All the tables were well worn and wooden, some with pretty table clothes, all with comfy solid chairs. The white painted floor boards brightened up the space and along with the quirky features inside gave it a vintage feel which was pleasant. 

However the atmosphere was a bit lack lustre, not like the bustling tearooms of Miss Mollet's. We did love the feature wall and landing at the top of the stairs where the delicious looking cakes were displayed along with the homemade chutneys, jams and breads.

The service was welcoming and prompt. Our choice of a caffetiere for two with a chocolate brownie with clotted cream arrived and we promptly tucked in. The coffee was a good standard but nothing to write home about but the brownie was the star feature, warmed perfectly, gooey and not too sweet - on par with the brownies from Loaf.

The Verdict?
We did not stay to sample the tea but these seemed pretty standard, we got the impression that it was the homemade cakes and foods that were the selling feature rather than a speciality in teas & coffee. However, that aside, it was a pleasant experience, good value for money & definitely worth a trip to sample the cakes. If it's just for a tea or coffee then there is a lot of competition near by that may step it up in that department. 

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