Friday, 11 July 2014

Lewes: La Magasin

A French style bistro in the heart of Lewes along Cliffe High Street, La Magasin sells itself as selling restaurant food for bistro prices with a cafe atmosphere. Run by Frankie and Joe, the modest grey exterior with simple sign writing and scatter of outside seating makes this a welcoming spot to stop off at be it for breakfast, lunch of a coffee.

Not having had any breakfast and feeling rather like I could eat a horse, we took the only table left which was a lovely worn wooden bench outside. A very friendly and happy young lass came out with some menus which we studied intently.

The same friendly gal came back a short while later, took our order and left us to chat and people watch whilst we waited for our food to arrive. We really love coming to Lewes, it has so many lovely independent shops, some great antique shops to sift through and is a fantastic place to do present shopping.

Inside this cute eatery the floors are stripped wooden boards whilst the ceiling is lined in shiny silver corrugated tin. All chairs and tables are mismatched, some wooden topped with others like this zinc topped table. The atmosphere is friendly and busy with lots of people having a light lunch or late breakfast with a strong coffee.

Our food arrived quickly, my choice of mushrooms piled high amongst garlic and onion on toast on a huge white plate whilst he went for a small bowl of chips. We're not talking bog standard button mushroom here, they were the posh kind and tasted amazing. Very garlicy but super. His chips were very good, chunky and crispy.

For the drinks options I went for a flat white which was perfect, on par with The Micro Roastery in Canterbury. They use coffee from the Monmouth Coffee roasting company based in London.

They source as many local and season ingredients as they can which is reflected in the prices but these are the types of places we want to support so have no issue with paying for quality.

The Verdict?

It did have the atmosphere of a trendy cafe, with reasonable prices for the absolutely super quality and tasting food. All the staff were very friendly, we were asked if everything was ok when paying and felt like valued customers. We would come back here to try out the lunch specials.

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