Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Whitstable: Whitstable Coffee Company

It was on a truly baking hot Sunday that we ended up in Whitstable with an hour to fill. Too hot for coffee, we headed for the Whitstable Produce Store thinking we'd get another refreshing smoothie. However walking along the high street we spotted the Whitstable Coffee Company selling smoothies so thought we'd try them out instead.

Painted in a slate grey with cream sign painting and eye catching black and white entrance flooring, this looks a lovely spot to stop off in. Being so hot we didn't fancy a coffee so each went for a homemade smoothie. Ordering at the till towards the back of the shop, we paid the £3.25 each for a fresh smoothie. We sat in the window at the front, people watching and chatting until our smoothies arrived.

The interior and chairs are all painted white with all tables matching. Whitstable themed artwork adorns the walls along with blackboard menus. It should feel trendy and fresh but the atmosphere was a bit lacklustre with no real ambience and felt like being in a chain coffee shop with no character.

Smoothies having arrived, he went for a Big 5 with kiwi, pineapple, mango and strawberry whilst I went for a Melon Refresher with melon, strawberry and mango. Both looked the same and had the same coloured straw, unlike in the Whitstable Produce Store where we had different coloured straws denoting different flavours. Not a big deal, just a small observation. Both were icy cold and gave welcoming refreshment but were no way as thick as the smoothies in the Produce Store.

The Verdict?
A bit disappointing with no atmosphere or personality. Our smoothies were refreshing but were too watery compared with the smoothies at the Whitstable Produce Store a few minutes walk away. This review doesn't cover the coffee or food so another visit to try those out will be needed. If its a cold drink your after though, keep walking to Harbour Street.

39 High Street

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