Friday, 27 June 2014

Rye: Marino's Fish Bar

Over the past couple of weeks we have found ourselves passing through Rye in the evening with our friends and decide to stop off for a spot of grub as we were rather hungry. Fancying fish and chips we parked in the Market car park and meandered along the streets to our favourite chip shop, Marino's.

Situated along The Mint, this is a far better chip shop than the large one on the roundabout. Always busy and always super crispy chips, we ordered to take away and went outside to wait. There is also a large inside area to sit at if you fancy that, but Rye has so many picturesque places to sit if it's not raining.

It is a true traditional fish and chip shop, nothing fancy and posh just good quality fish and chips. The customer service can sometimes be a little lacking in friendliness, but we don't come here for that, we come for good honest grub. During the 'in season' they serve fresh scallops in batter with chilli sauce which sounds tempting.

After having a good old peek through the window of this shop opposite (we loved it that they only buy old coins on Saturdays!) our order was shouted out so we went in to apply copious amounts of salt and vinegar to our open portions. Seeing as it was such a lovely evening we walked to the gun gardens to sit and enjoy the awesome chips.

Walking along The Mint we turned up onto West Street through the church yard and imposing church where filming for a BBC film was taking place.

Not seeing any famouses we carried from the 12th Century church for a short stroll towards the castle where you can walk down steps and sit on the low brick wall looking out over The River Rother towards the sea in the Gun Garden.

We sat and ate, small cod and chips for moi on our first visit with chips and mushy peas on the 2nd stop and large cod and chips for him both times. Eating in silence whilst sipping on our cold cans of fizzy we studied the horizon and admired the boats moored up along the river.

A beady eyed seagull kept a patrol around us hopeful of a scrap but the arrival of a young family caught his attention as an easier target and he hopped off. With tummies full we bunged the empty chip wrappers firmly in the bin and headed back to the car.

The Verdict?
These are the best chips not only in Rye but in the surrounding area. Fluffy insides with crispy outers, the portion sizes are very good and reasonable value. Make the most of how beautiful Rye is to find a spot to sit and eat rather than sit inside.

37 The Mint
East Sussex
TN31 7EN

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