Friday, 2 May 2014

Whitstable: Whitstable Produce Store

Another little stop off from our trip to Whitstable, we had a  late afternoon wander along Harbour Street and popped into all the fabulous boutique shops browsing to our hearts content. All this window shopping can leave you parched and so in need of refreshments we came across the delightful looking Whitstable Produce Store. A finalist in the Taste of Kent Awards 2014, this cute little shop sells mostly Kent produce and products.

Having already had our caffeine intake for the day at The Forge and The Coffee Bike, we all opted for a cold drink. Ollie and our other two testers went for smoothies whilst I went for a freshly squeezed orange juice.

Still full from our lunch, we could only gaze longingly at the array of the daily changing homemade savories and cakes on display. Gluten free options are available too. After paying for our drinks, we ambled through the shop to the seating in the back room to await our drinks, admiring the grey painted brickwork and stripped wooden floors. There atmosphere feels friendly and relaxing, all tables were clean and cleared as soon as anyone left.

All the juices and smoothies are made from scratch in front of your eyes. I was transfixed by the orange juice machine squashing the plump oranges and extracting the delicious sweet juice. The smoothies are made from frozen and fresh fruit and berries, making them icy cold and ideal on a hot day.

We loved the hand painted loyalty cards, a great touch that would make you likely to use this store again with the lure of a free drink.

Mostly all produce sold in this store is from Kent - wine, crisps, fruit, veg, oils, tea, eggs the list goes on. By buying local you will be getting the freshest possible produce whilst supporting your local growers and producers which in turn helps to secure a strong and healthy future for British industry, something we are very passionate about.

This was our table of choice, a lovely solid bench with proper farmhouse chairs. The walls are adorned with huge vibrant canvas art making the small space go from what could be mundane to fresh and exciting.  Free WiFi and a loo with baby changing through a door at the back makes this place a great stop off for friends and families alike.

We didn't have to wait long for our drinks. These two with there spiral straws were called Strawmelon Sierra's, one without banana as Tester Two is a bit fussy! They were deliciously refreshing and busting with fruitiness, definitely a must if you are in need of a thirst quenching hit.

My orange juice was super tasty too, so refreshing that I gulped it down in minutes. The pink one is another Strawmelon Sierra of Tester One's which didn't hang about for very long either.

The Verdict?
I feel we didn't do a very thorough review here as we were all so full up from our previous reviews we couldn't fit in any cakes or bakes or coffee. However, our drinks were very good and just what we needed. I love the ethos of this place with lots of the produce being local and of good quality, something we feel very strongly about. Obviously they have to use some fruit from further afield - no orange groves or banana plantations that I know of in Kent! Overall a great stop off for a relaxing drink. 

33 Harbour Street

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