Sunday, 27 April 2014

Whitstable: The Forge

Found on the North coast of Kent, the town of Whitstable is world renowned for its oysters which have been collected here since the Roman times. This quaint seaside town with its distinctive character has been a favourite spot of ours for years. We ventured over on a quiet weekend for a spot of lunch and to have a wonder along the harbour. After a stroll along the beach, we stopped off at a little corrugated tin building called The Forge and ordered some chips and fizzy.

There were chalk boards everywhere, leaning against the building, on the hatch flaps and against the sea wall. All had different food and drink options chalked up and proved to be very confusing.

Seeing as the sun kept popping its head out of the clouds, it quickly became very busy with a long queue snaking its way from the ordering hatch. Receiving  a number upon paying, we bagged a wooden picnic bench and plonked ourselves down, people and seagull watching for the 15 minutes it took for our number to be called.

Up I hopped to collect our chips from the side doors (which had even more chalk boards proclaiming even more food and drinks options) from a flustered young lass who'd obviously had a very frantic lunchtime.

The large portions of chips were served in cardboard boxes, and we tucked in with wooden forks. I went for straight chips while he went for beer battered Kent sausages. Proving too much for me to eat, Ol polished his off in no time! Although a good standard of chip, they were slightly on the greasy side.

For puds we just had to try out the claim that they make the best doughnuts in Kent. The aroma of them wafting from the little hut made it rather impossible to resist anyway, claim or no claim. Swapping £2.50 for 5 doughnuts felt like a good deal, and having two other testers with us was helpful in finishing them off. Still warm and coated in sugar, they were fantastically light and fluffy, especially washed down with a good strong white Americano. The coffee was nice but not top notch, more like on par with The Pop-Up Café.

The Verdict?
Honest grub from a rustic, weathered shack on the beach. The staff were run off their feet with keeping up with the busy lunchtime surge and were a little short on friendliness, but hey it's not a stylish little café, its a tin shed on the beach. Compared to Herbert's though, which is a similar set up but with a fantastic lass serving, the customer service at The Forge rather let it down. Mostly good value, there is plenty of seating either on picnic benches, deck chairs or by wandering down to the beach. We were lucky with the weather, but it wouldn't be so good if it had been raining with no covered seating available. Just being by the sea made the whole experience feel like we were on holiday and we all really enjoyed our seaside lunch.

Sea Wall

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