Friday, 4 April 2014

Our Pick: Top 10 Classic Vans For Sale

Seeing as neither of us have managed to squeeze in any tearoom tastings lately, we decided to do a round up of the best classic vans currently for sale seeing as it is National Classic Car Day (4th April) today in little old England.

1. Austin Morris J4 1974

Considered unusually noisy due to the engine being situated in the drivers cabin between the two seats, this van was a familiar sight on British roads delivering post in the Royal Mail livery during the late 60s and early 70s. This Morris van is currently on eBay and is a late example of the commercial J4 which was made up until 1974, although even at the time it offered a poor driving experience by the standards of the day. Even though this may be the case, we absolutely love the look of this classic van with its snub nose, chrome bumpers and big round headlights.

2. VW Caddy Golf 1988

First released in 1980, the Mk1 Caddy pickup is becoming a sought after classic. This pastel painted Mk 1 Caddy van is on ebay with a high starting bid of £9999. Converted from its original pick up body, this little van is ready to go as an eye catching catering business. The kitchen interior is fitted out with stainless steel along with a serving hatch. It would definitely attracted a lot of attention selling hot dogs!

3. Bedford Utilibrake 1962

The Beford CA type van is a very distinctive looking vehicle with its shelf like bonnet protruding from the bulbous cab. As with a lot of these old classic vans, the engine was half in the bonnet and half in the cab with the driver but unlike the Austin Morris J4, the performance of the Bedford was pretty adequate for the time, reaching a top speed of 60 mph! A popular base for ice creams vans, ambulances and camper vans it was affectionately know as 'the Tilley' and enjoyed a long production span.

4. VW 1973 Bay Window

This amazing pink VW camper has been converted into a stunning ice cream van and is on eBay for a buy it now price of £17500. With its jelly mold roof, baby pink paint work and overall vintage this second generation T2 (1967 - 1979) looks it would attract customers like bees to a honey pot. The Type 2 (Type 1 being the Beetle) had many received numerous nicknames worldwide, one being a 'hippie van' due to its popularity during the 1960's. This van, named 'Pinky' by its current owners is fully equipped as an ice cream van with a Mr Whippy machine.

5. Bedford Light Van 1933

Lots of these trucks were requisitioned by the Army for military use during the Second World War and many were abandoned after the retreat from Dunkirk, rendered useless to the enemy by removing the engine oil drain plug and running the engine. A truly classic looking vehicle with gorgeous sweeping mud guards, metal spoke wheels and sleek metal body work this would attracted attention for whatever it was used for. Currently on eBay with a starting bid of £7000, it has been fully refurbished.

6. Commer Suntor 1974

Commer was a British manufacturer of commercial vehicles from 1905 to 1979. Exported widely, Commer designed and built it own diesel engine for its heavy commercials. The Commer name was replaced by the Dodge name during the 1970's following the takeover by Chrysler Europe. Commer became known in the later years for producing vans for the Royal Mail but this van was considered labour intensive as the engine was difficult to work on. This Commer camper van is on eBay for a price of £5000 and comes with a cooker, grill and pop up roof for extra room.

7. VW T2 camper Champagne Edition 1978

A truly stunning example of the VW T2 camper, this fully restored van is a special Champagne edition. Originally the Champagne Edition was finished in a seventies colour scheme of Fuchsrot orange over a Dattelbraun brown, but this one has been resprayed in an all over gold hue so not keeping to the original model. On eBay for £18500 this is a true collectors item and would transform any camping trip from dull to full on retro.

8. Fiat 500 Furgoncino 1973

This is a lovely example of the baby Fiat commercial van in apple green paintwork, affectionately known as the Fiat 500 Furgo. With a 499cc engine it proved to be an enormously practical and popular vehicle throughout Europe as it was cheap and practical. This model features suicide doors and was the only model to sport this door type into the 1970's. On eBay for £14995, this is a peach of an example having been thoroughly looked after in an elderly Italians collection for many years. 

9. Morris Minor Van

The Morris minor was a British economy car that debuted at the Earls Court Motor Show in 1948. Initially available as a car version, the panel van and pick up variants appeared from 1952. This model is a 1972 van currently on eBay for £8995 in an eye popping sky blue paint. The Minor was a roomy vehicle with superior cornering and and handling characteristics, making it a popular and affordable car for the middle class.

10. Citroen H Van

One of the most used classic vans in the UK nowadays for vintage style catering, this restored van is a fine example of the Citroen's iconic HY van. Currently on eBay for £18,995 it is ready to trade as a coffee van with built in units, coffee machine and coffee grinder. In an original tropic beige paint it has a full years MOT and side and rear serving hatches.

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