Thursday, 6 February 2014

Our Pick: Top 10 Catering Vans For Sale

Continuing with the van theme as we haven't managed to get to any coffee or tearooms this week, here is a short list of some amazing vans currently for sale which have been turned into catering vans. Most are decked out and ready to hit the road and start trading, so tempting! 

A lovely HY converted into a coffee van, this cream and brown classic is a real eye catcher. With its corrugated tin bodywork, pig nose bonnet and overall vintage looks this is one of my favorites. A side opening hatch and fully fitted coffee machine and grinder make it ready to go. It even has a reversing camera! Currently on eBay for £16000 + VAT. 

This is truly amazing and is Ollie's favorite! An iconic red London bus has been turned into a mobile bar. Having done over a million miles whilst in service around the streets of London, it is now fitted with a fully functioning bar. Upstairs has been turned into a sleek lounge area able to take up to 30 party goers and the roof opens up for those rare sunny days. The whole thing can be yours for £85000 pounds on eBay! Start saving Ollie!

3. 1972 Citroën Pompiers HY Van

Another HY van, this bright red beauty is an ex French fire engine. With a petrol 1.9 litre engine, it has racked up 45,000 miles in its 42 years. Fully restored and fitted with a side serving hatch, all this needs is a coffee machine. The blue flashing light works too! Currently on eBay for £1600 + VAT.

4. American Airstream Trailer
Not a van, the Airstream is a brand of luxury recreational trailers manufactured in the USA. Easily recognised by its distinctive shape and sleek rounded aluminum body, this 17ft trailer was registered in 1961 and is an establisghed catering unit in Devon. Included is a panini machine, milkshake mixer, cash register, coffee machine, fridges, freezer, generator and use of the current trading name. On eBay for an asking price of £30,000.

5. Citroën 2 CV AK 400 Van

The 2 CV was an economy car produced by the French car manufacturer Citroën between 1948 and 1990. It was designed to motorise the large number of small-holder farmers in 1930s France, who were still using horse and cart.  It is considered one of France's most iconic cars and over 3 million were made. This bright yellow van version would make an eye catching coffee and sandwich van and is on eBay for £8995.

6. Coffee Bike
OK so it's not a van but it's the ultimate eco-friendly mobile coffee unit. This handcrafted mahogany trike comes as a complete coffee business package. Fitted with a Fracino coffee machine, water tanks and storage area, there is no road tax or insurance to pay, and it would keep you fit cycling around the streets! On eBay for £10,995.

7. VW T2 Bay Window Camper
This vintage VW T2 camper is a great looking van. The Type 2, along with the 1947 Citroën H Van, are among the first 'forward control' vans in which the driver was placed above the front wheels. Called the Type 2 because it was the second car model made by Volkswagen (the first being the Beetle) this beauty has been converted and fitted with a retro espresso machine. Being sold as a business with use of the name on eBay for £14,500. 

8. Mercedes 508d
This 1987 Mercedes 508d was a Dutch military reserve ambulance which has been fully converted to to a street catering truck. From the outside it looks rough as its in its original 'Drab Olive' paint, but taking a peek inside reveals a sleek catering set up. This truck has done under a 1000 miles, making it a rare find. On eBay for £30,000.

9. Piaggio Porter
Converted to look like a vintage VW surfer camper, this cute little Piaggio Porter is actually only 7 years old. With a large oven and fridge fitted inside, it has been used as a sandwich and pie delivery van. A tiny 1.4 petrol engine powers this red and white eye catching unit. On eBay for £4995, it offers a cheaper alternative to the real thing.

10. Ford Transit
This vintage van is a 1974 Mk1 Ford Transit van. Two large doors, painted in blackboard paint, open to reveal a side serving hatch. Internally, the roof has been fitted with a full length skylight flooding the kitchen in light. Work tops are handmade from Chestnut, and it comes with a 4 tray oven and space for a fridge and freezer. Painted in a shade of grey olive, this beauty is on eBay for £22,960.


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